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HS-SB X3 Straw Blower (Demo Unit)

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For Sale 
HS-SB X3 Straw Blower (Demo Unit)
Item Number: 
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For Sale
Industry:  Agriculture
Straw Blower
Manufacturer:  Hydro Straw 
Model:  HS-SB 
Serial Number:   
Part Number:   
Year:  2019 
Operating Hours: 
Location:  Washington 
Condition:  Used 
Quantity:  1 
Unit Price:  $8,424.00 
Times Viewed:  8413 

For more information:
Call:  888-494-4011 or


HS-SB X3 Straw Blower
The most popular compact straw blower on the market, the HS-SB X3 Straw Blower is suitable for all your straw blowing needs, big or small. Hand shaking straw will no longer be needed after experiencing the speed and material savings of the Straw Blower. We take pride in our design, made to withstand years of use.

The HS-SB X3 Straw Blower is the fastest compact straw blower on the market, as well as the most durable. Our folding feed tray is made to withstand countless bales of straw being thrown onto it. The cannon discharge is bearing mounted and fully rotational and will virtually eliminate the need for an extension hose. Our triple groove belt eliminates coupling failure and vibration, providing a smoother operation as well as reduced down-time on the job.

The HS-SB X3 Straw Blower is made to fit on the bed of your truck or the back of your trailer.

The HS-SB X3 Straw Blower comes with a 360-Degree rotational cannon discharge and can be operated by one man. Expect to blow straw up to 1 acres per hour, or 2-3 bales per minute and comes standard with a belt-driven fan to eliminate vibration and flail beater chains to separate the straw fibers. The Straw Blower can blow straw or hay, wet or dry. Reduced clogging and down-time, producing faster and better results.

Length: 55 (140 cm)
Operating Length: 81 (206 cm)
Width: 40 (102 cm)
Power: 20.5 hp (15.3 kW) Kohler
Blower Fan: 16 (41 cm) High Velocity
Beater Chamber: 7 cu. ft.
Beater Chains: 8 Hardened
Discharge Cannon: 360-Degree Rotational / 60-Degree Vertical
Battery: 12-Volt Automotive
Fuel Tank: 6 Gallon (23 liter)
Feed Tray: 24 (61 cm) Wide, Folding
Capacity: 2-3 Bales / Minute
Discharge Distance: 40 ft. (12 m)
Hose Capacity: 2-50 Sections Included
Weight: 700 lbs. (318 kg)

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