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Finn B-70S Straw Blower
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2016 BBM 200 Big Bale Straw Blower

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2016 BBM 200 Big Bale Straw Blower
Item Number: 
Listing Type: 
Industry:  Agriculture
Straw Blower
Manufacturer:  BBM 
Model:  200 
Serial Number:   
Part Number:   
Year:  2016 
Operating Hours:   
Location:  New Hampshire 
Condition:  Used 
Quantity:  1 
Unit Price:  $79,900.00 
Times Viewed:  1402 

For more information:
Call:  888-494-4011 or


Big Bale Mulcher Straw Blower (Truck Not Included)

The large stored bale capacity of the big bale mulchers allows two person mulching and gets the necessary equipment and materials to the jobsite with the least amount of people. Two person seeding and mulching crews are now a reality.

To see this unit at work, click one of the videos below:
Video 1 - this unit

Video 2 - manufacturer's video

Big Bale Mulcher Features
♦ POWER: Diesel, 4.4 Liter, 130 HP with 11" double disc PTO clutch

♦ ENGINE CONTROL: Electronic engine control with self diagnostics; Automatic shut down on low oil pressure and high water temperature

♦ CAPACITY: 20 tons of straw per hour; Capable of processing all sizes of square and round bales

♦ FUEL & BATTERY: Uses truck batteries and one saddle tank for off road fuel

♦ BLOWER: 32" diameter, single plane dynamically balanced, eight blade fan rotating at 2000 rpm producing an initial wind speed of 190 mph

♦ RANGE: Up to 100' in still air

♦ CONVEYOR FEED: 8' 5" wide by 17' long hydraulically powered conveyor bed moving at 0-3' per minute

♦ BEATER BAR: Three 8' long by 24" diameter dual plane dynamically balanced, hydraulically driven by three motors at 200 RPM

♦ DISCHARGE TUBE: Ball bearing mounted, 220 degress of rotation, 70 degrees of hydraulically driven vertical spout travel

♦ FRAME: Heavy duty 8" channel welded to a 4"x5" box tubing bumper with 30 ton pintle hitch; Bumber includes stop, turn, and taillights and all necessary hardware to tow trailer

♦ OPERATOR STATION: Adjustable padded seat with seat belt mounted on discharge head; Controls include: beater bar, conveyor bed, PTO clutch, engine RPM, engine shutdown, beater bar jam light, and horn

♦ DRIVES: Belt-driven blower fan , conveyor bed, beater bars and engine cooling fan hydraulically driven

♦ WEIGHT: 10,000 lbs

♦ OPERATOR SAFETY: Emergency shut down button and all controls within operator's reach; all spinning objects shielded

*** Truck Not Included ***

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